The Amazing Chris Godbey!™

Christopher Godbey (b. March 11, 1990) is an American cartoonist of dubious talent. His

work has been featured on TeePublic, ComicFury, WEBTOON, and (briefly) in the KCTCS

online newsletter.

His most notable work are his webcomics:

the sci-fi teen comedy “Weird in a Can” and the gag-a-day strip “Draw, O Coward”.

An avid fan of cartoons, Nintendo games, sunglasses, classic rock music, and pepperoni pizza, Godbey currently lives in

Central Kentucky with his sizable comic collection.






The year is 2004. George, Phil, and Liz

are your average American teenagers...

...that happen to be attending a school for mad scientists.

Okay, maybe their definition of "average"


                                          is a bit different than yours...



A random grabbag of one-shot comic strips!

Silly wordplay and pop culture references are the order of the day.

Consistent updates probably aren't.